Sand Hills Project

This DCP Midstream project stretches 700 miles from Mont Belvieu, TX, to Orla, TX. The mainline is a 20 inch liquids pipeline. This project is the first of its kind by DCP Midstream. Link has been involved with the project since the beginning. Link helped with the creation and distribution of the templates used for permits, property sketches, certified plats, preliminary and as‐built alignments. Furthermore, Link has been contracted to do a majority of the preliminary and as‐built survey, property sketches, non‐ environmental permits, certified plats, and preliminary alignments. The project concept began in 2010. Preliminary survey began in February of 2011 and portions of the line began the construction phase in March 2012.


Link Field Services was contracted by DCP Midstream to locate and as‐built survey two pipelines. The 10 inch and 6 inch crossed the East and Trinity Bays near Galveston, TX. These pipelines were 95% underwater. Link located and marked 8.7 miles of the 10 inch and 5.9 miles of the 6 inch. The initial phase consisted of probing the pipelines for current depths and utilizing GPS for recording the existing bottom of the bay depths and top of pipe locations. Link drew the alignments and had HMG Engineering engineer the alignments to show the areas lacking proper depth of pipe. After DCP obtained the permits for construction, Link Field Services and Crane Brothers Construction had the task of lowering both pipelines and locating the new depths to insure proper coverage to pass inspections and regulations. Link Field Services provided the final as‐built alignments. The project began in September of 2009 and was completed in February of 2012.


Link Field Services began operations in the Eagle Ford shale for DCP Midstream in early 2010. The Eagle Ford shale is a long, thin curved play appearing to begin in La Salle County, extending through McMullen, Live Oak, Bee, Karnes, Dewitt and possibly ending in Lavaca County, Texas. We surveyed, produced preliminary alignment sheets, prepared property sketches, certified plats and final as‐built drawings on approximately fifty miles of pipeline in 2010. In 2011 Link assisted DCP in installing approximately two hundred fifty miles of pipeline. We also developed relationships with other clients and assisted them with an additional fifty miles of new pipelines in the Eagle Ford Shale area.

Link has consistently demonstrated the ability to expand it's staking, mapping, and drafting operations to handle a large volume of work while consistently staying within or below the projected cost for our services.


The Caspiana pipeline is a DCP Midstream project beginning three miles southwest of Stonewall, Louisiana, and ending four miles southwest of De Berry, Texas. This project consists of one mile of 10 inch and twenty‐two miles of 16 inch pipe. Link surveyed, prepared property sketches, certified plats, preliminary alignment sheets and produced as‐built GIS data.


Possum Kingdom Lake, which covers 17,700 acres mostly in Palo Pinto County, was created in the early 1940s when the Brazos River Authority constructed the Morris Sheppard Dam, which was the authority's first major project to manage flooding in the Brazos River Basin. In October 2010, the Brazos River Authority accepted a $52 million dollar bid from Patterson PK Land Partnership. Under the terms of the sale, 1,516 residential leaseholders and 19 business owners will be allowed to buy their land. It is the first time in Texas history that a government controlled lake has sold leaseholds in bulk to a private investor.

Link was hired as the lead survey firm to oversee all commercial and residential surveys and setup right of way for 33 miles of roads being dedicated to Palo Pinto County. Link worked closely with the BRA to get all residential and commercial surveys approved for land purchase.


Camp Constantin was purchased from Wayland Brooks in 2010 by the Patterson Equity Partners, LLC. Camp Constantin is located at Possum Kingdom Lake in Palo Pinto County. Camp Constantin consist of approximately 2 miles of existing roadways, 7 commercial leases, 53 residential lake lots and 41.7 acres of undeveloped land. Constantin was the second land acquisition project completed for Patterson Equity Partners, LLC. Link Field Services, Inc. was responsible for providing all survey and drafting services to complete the sale.


The Chaparal Pipeline Project is an HMG Engineering project stretching 68 miles across the northern part of Oklahoma and southern Kansas. The mainline is an 8 inch CO2 pipeline that will infuse CO2 gas into existing wells to improve volume and productivity. Link Field Services has been contracted to complete the preliminary survey, property sketches, permits and certified plats. Preliminary survey began in February of 2011 and portions of the line started the construction phase in June of 2012.


We have proven our worth with extensive work in:

• Permitting

• Pipeline relocations

• Construction staking & asbuilds

• Engineering and design

• Project management

• Contracts and exhibits

• Feasibility studies

• Highways/DOT permits

• 4 Way Utility Sweep



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  • Chaparral Energy
  • Chesapeake Energy Corporation
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